Cut Your Network Energy Costs by 10% - Save $10 Million



Executive Briefing:
How to Save Energy and Optimize Mobile Experience


The spiraling costs of energy (7-10x) is now a major business issue. Mobile data demand is skyrocketing but the costs of delivery across a network are significantly increasing.

Learn how typical mobile network operators can reduce their end-to-end network energy consumption by more than 10% and make annual savings of up to $10 million with traffic management solutions that dynamically optimize.  

Reduce the cost of running your network – while maintaining a #1 network experience for subscribers.

Enea can demonstrate what can be practically achieved today to manage traffic from the core network – without changing end user apps or content services from the internet.

Discover how to achieve network savings with intelligent real time capabilities from Enea without compromising user access – effectively delivering the content users want, when they want -- but using less resources.

We quantify the value in *real* terms, as the cost of energy continues to increase  –  the time to take action & start saving is NOW.

(If you want to see how much energy and costs you can save, check out our ROI calculator!)

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