Cut your network's energy costs & deliver outstanding mobile experience

The spiralling costs of energy is now a major business issue for mobile operators. Mobile data demand is skyrocketing, but the costs of delivery across a network are significantly increasing.

Discover what can be practically achieved today to manage traffic from the core network – without changing end user apps or content services from the internet.

Mobile network energy savings calculator

Calculate how much you could save by switching to Enea.

How many subscribers do you serve? 10 million



What is the average monthly data consumption per subscriber? 11 GB

1 GB

50 GB

How much of the data consumption is video? 65 %

Video is typically 60% - 70% of all mobile data.



What is the energy efficiency? 0.24 kWh / GB

The average energy efficiency in the RAN is 0.24 kWh/GB according to GSMA

0 kWh/GB

1 kWh/GB

What is your cost per MWh? 250 Eur

0 Euro

500 Euro