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Exclusive insight on mobile operator thinking from Enea experts and industry thought leaders, including:



The trends in 2022 include:

  • Cyber attackers shift their focus from IT /OT to telecoms. As tensions intensify in international hotspots, mobile networks are an attractive target for cyber terrorists
  • Hyperscaler protocols dictate terms to operators. Complex encryption protocols keep subscribers safe, but operators are scrambling to maintain traffic visibility
  • Video delivery shifts to new edge cloud. And this will favor mobile operators much more than hyperscalers
  • Sustain the environment AND the bottom line. Greenwashing is out and impactful, earth-friendly, strategies are in – how green can operators go?
  • Wi-Fi ties the knot with 5G. Wi-Fi 6 integration with 5G is the new partnership for operators to optimize access and performance


“A roadmap for mobile operators to navigate our post-pandemic world”