Meet us at SuriCon Athens 2022

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November 9-11, 2022, Athens

Enhance Suricata with Advanced Network Traffic Intelligence

Meet with us at SuriCon 2022 to see a live demo of how next generation deep packet inspection (NG DPI) can boost Suricata by:

  • Detecting threats cloaked by evasive techniques such as tunneling, encryption, and spoofing
  • Improving whitelists and blacklists through expanded application and protocol recognition (even for encrypted traffic)
  • Reducing false positives and false negatives through detailed and accurate traffic classification
  • Improving threat hunting and forensics through contextual metadata


Don't miss our conference presentation!

Enhancing Suricata Performance with a DPI Engine
Thursday, November 10, 11.45 - 12.30

Whether used for active threat blocking or passive threat detection, Suricata capabilities can be improved with integrated DPI software. The presentation will cover:  

  • The current state of DPI technology
  • How Suricata and DPI complement each other to improve network protection
  • Examples of enhanced visibility and threat detection
  • Sample architectures for integrating these two technologies

Speaker: Sebastien Synold, Product Line Manager for Qosmos Technologies, Enea


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