SASE Industry Brief

Find out how Traffic Visibility is Helping Vendors Get on the Fast Path to SASE Success!

In the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework, wide-area networking and cybersecurity are fully merged and delivered as a distributed cloud service. This simplifies network management and boosts performance by bringing users and resources closer together. SASE also enhances security by segmenting traffic and applying rules according to the unique profile and context of each traffic flow.

To successfully deliver on these SASE promises therefore requires comprehensive, real-time traffic visibility. It is this visibility that enables consistent, outstanding performance across today’s continuously evolving, complex and distributed networks.

This industry guide shows how traffic visibility is helping vendors get on the fast path to SASE success, and covers the following key SASE visibility challenges and solutions:

  • Difference in Edge and PoP Visibility Requirements
  • Maximizing Visibility Without Impacting Performance
  • Preserving Visibility in Encrypted Environments
  • Insight into Potential Threats
  • Maintaining Complex Visibility Technology in a Fast-Moving Market

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