ZTNA Industry Brief

Improve ZTNA with Next Generation Deep Packet Inspection!

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is currently one of the hottest areas of cybersecurity. ZTNA success depends on performance and scalability and this, in turn, depends on traffic visibility and the degree of intelligence ZTNA functions receive on the traffic flows.

Traffic visibility has been strongly impacted in recent years by encryption, new techniques for cloaking malicious traffic, and the erosion of traditional network perimeters where traffic has previously been decrypted and inspected. Effective ZTNA therefore requires traffic intelligence that overcomes these visibility challenges while operating across multi-tenant, multi-edge deployments.

This industry brief addresses the network intelligence challenges facing ZTNA, the different next generation traffic visibility techniques that can be used to boost performance, and the ways in which an embedded next generation DPI engine can support ZTNA product differentiation and continuous innovation.

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