Security Service Edge (SSE) White Paper

Why is Next Generation DPI Crucial for SSE Success?

The Security Service Edge (SSE) model is perfectly adapted to today’s diverse, distributed enterprise networks. Using edge clouds that boost agility and bring users and resources closer together, SSE provides a convenient, highly scalable way to ensure users can safely access the Internet, cloud services, and private company apps anywhere, anytime, whether they are using managed or unmanaged devices.

While SSE solutions share a common set of core components (ZTNA, CASB, SWG, DLP, next generation Cloud FW, WAF, and IDS/IPS), one ingredient sets SSE market leaders apart: next generation deep packet inspection (NG DPI). It raises the performance of each of the key components as well as the overall effectiveness of the SSE deployment, enabling vendors to develop highly differentiated, best-of-breed solutions.

This white paper explains the difference between conventional and next generation DPI, explains how and where NG DPI is used in SSE and the functional benefits it brings to the different components, with a list of practical examples for each one. It also looks at whether SSE vendors should build or buy their NG DPI, comparing open source and commercial products.

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