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Meet Our Experts at MWC Barcelona 2023!

Some of the world’s leading mobile network and security experts will be at the Enea booth at Mobile World Congress 2023. They will be available to discuss your network and security challenges and to help you improve service quality, provide better network protection, optimize performance and improve revenue generation. Making sure that you’re ready for anything. 

Meet them at the Enea booth 2L10 and discover just how much Enea’s network and security solutions can help you improve your operations and your profitability. 

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Network Security

You might be surprised to learn that Enea’s mobile network security solutions already protect over 2.6 billion subscribers worldwide against cyber threats. And not just subscribers. They also protect networks and nations, securing critical data and services.

Meet us at Mobile World Congress 2023 to find out about our Unified 5G Network Security solution, winner of a 2022 Glomo award, and a key addition to mobile threat and defense capabilities. We will also show you how our messaging security and revenue protection solutions stop SPAM messages, block grey route traffic and enforce carrier and regulatory codes of conduct, helping you to strengthen and protect your network.

Don’t be Surprised. Be Ready.

Signaling firewalls get tripped 1000’s of times every day. Identifying the 1 or 2 dangerous attacks a week is the hard part. Using advanced machine-learning algorithms on suspicious signaling data, our newest service offering enables operators worldwide to maximize the effectiveness of existing defenses against signaling vulnerabilities and proactively protect networks against attacks from sophisticated adversaries.

Saving Energy

You might be surprised to learn that we can reduce your end-to-end network energy consumption by 10% or more. Meet us at Mobile World Congress 2023 to find out about the energy savings that can be achieved using Enea’s software-only traffic management solutions. They can reduce data volumes with no impact on user experience, end-user apps or content services from the internet, and resulting in an average of 10% energy savings across the network.

Don’t be Surprised. Be Ready.

Enea's traffic management solution could lead to a reduction in the amount of data needed to deliver video at the same perceived quality, resulting in average energy savings of more than ten percent across the network.

Network Profitability

You might be surprised to learn that a common network data layer can save up to 50% of the operating expenditure for data management. Subscriber data is often stored in vendor-specific network elements, making it very expensive to create and maintain a consolidated view. Meet us at Mobile World Congress 2023 to find out how our cloud-native network data layer can save OpEx by collapsing all data silos into a single repository serving all other network functions.

Don’t be Surprised. Be Ready.

Research and Markets estimate that operators can save over 50% in OpEx for data management by consolidating siloed data for multiple applications into a common network data layer. Enea's cloud-native data layer provides unique performance and functionality for UDR and UDSF.

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