Bridging the Gap Between Enterprise Needs and CSP Capabilities



Enterprises account for a significant share of CSPs' subscribers and an even larger share of their revenues. However, fraud initiated through telecom channels like SMS and voice calls has become a major issue for enterprises.  Smishing and vishing attacks, which use text messaging and voice calls to trick people into revealing sensitive information, are surging.  

This report explores how mobile operators and their enterprise customers respond to mobile network threats. It highlights a gap between enterprise needs and expectations, and the network security CSPs provide. 

To find out how CSPs can better secure their enterprise customers and transform the need for security into a revenue opportunity, download the full survey report.  

Enterprises experience significant costs for mobile fraud.

61% of enterprises say the costs for smishing and vishing is significant.

Fraud over telecom channels targeting enterprises is rising. Social engineering scams, including SMS messages containing malicious links and voice calls using spoofed caller IDs to imitate trusted numbers, are not only a means to commit direct fraud but can enable threat actors to access enterprises’ networks. 

Enterprises care about security when buying from CSPs.

85% of all enterprises say security is important when selecting telecom services and products.

Enterprises are being hit hard by voice and messaging fraud but have limited possibilities to protect themselves or their employees. Instead, they rely on their CSPs to protect against smishing and vishing attacks, and they increasingly use network security as a criterion when selecting telecom suppliers.

Most CSPs fail to provide adequate network security to enterprise subscribers.

Only 43% of CSPs protect subscribers with signaling and messaging firewalls.

CSPs must still implement capabilities to meet enterprise expectations and needs for security. Less than half of all CSPs have adequate capabilities to protect against fraudulent voice calls and scam messages. Fraudsters are not bound by technologies or channels and will take the easiest path to reach their goals.

To find out how CSPs can better secure their enterprise customers and transform the need for security into a revenue opportunity, download the full survey.



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